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Mutual Aid / Donation Recommendations 

Three Sisters Media agency endeavors to educate people on and amplify the voices of those within the mutual aid activism sectors or those who run not-for-profit organisations. As a for-profit business, we wholeheartedly believe in redistributing funds where possible and remaining transparent in where our income is placed.

When you work with us, your money goes towards:

- providing our small team with a livable wage.

- supporting women run business.

- assisting with funding donations to the mutual aid initiatives noted on this page. 

Where to consider donating to this month

If you cannot afford to donate, please consider sharing with friends, family and your social media pages.

Help a Mother in Gaza Rebuild Her House

Um Hind is a Palestinian mother in Gaza where their house was damaged in the Israeli assault on Gaza last May. Um Hind is in need of support for herself and her family who are living in extreme poverty.

Djirra Foundation 

Djirra is a place where culture is shared and celebrated, and where practical support is available to all Aboriginal women and particularly to Aboriginal people who are currently experiencing family violence or have in the past.

The PorchLight Foundation Too

The PorchLight Foundation Too is a non-profit community outreach program that started in 2011. Their goal is to be able to supply coats, blankets, tents,  and room & board on the extremely cold Chicago winter nights. 

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